What Paint do you use?

Party Faces uses professional grade cosmetic face paints that are widely used in the professional face paint industry.

We do not use any sort of craft paint as this can be very toxic and cause chemical burns to the skin

Summer bling

Who can and can’t be painted?

We can Paint children and adults from the age of 3. We do not paint children under the age of three due to their sensitive skin and underdeveloped immune system. But we most definitely cater for adults!

Party Faces cannot paint anyone with broken skin, rashes, anyone displaying signs of illness or contagious conditions so as not to pass infection on.

How do I remove safely?

To remove face paint use liquid soap and a few drops of water to lather the face then wash with a flannel and luke warm water. If any minor staining is left then use moisturiser and let it sit on the skin for a few minutes then repeat the above. DO NOT use wipes of any kind. Do not leave face paint on overnight
To remove glitter tattoos you can use baby oil or rubbing alcohol and let it soak the tattoo and gently rub off with a flannel. It may take a few tries. Avoid Scrubbing
as you may damage the skin.
To remove festival glitter simply use a damp kitchen towel and wipe away from the eyes and dispose of the tissue. Avoid washing glitter down the drain.

Do you offer free charity events or charge the public for services as a vendor?

We unfortunately cannot offer our services for free to charity events as we are a small business and get multiple requests each week. I wish we could support all charities but its just not possible. We try to accommodate where we can by offering a discount on our hourly rate when you are booking with a charity number over 3 hours. and we often give out raffle prizes where possible to help support your event.

We also suggest that you can charge the public for our services to recoup any monies spent on our services which are a great draw to bring bodies to your event. An option to help your fundraiser or community event, is to find a sponsor to to cover our services such as a larger business with a community/charity funding budget. They can then promote themselves in our booth with leaflets or banners.

What areas do you cover?

Depending on the service, we can cover many areas surrounding Hednesford, Cannock, Penkridge, Rugeley, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall and other parts of Staffordshire.

Check us out on Facebook! http://Www.facebook.com/partyfaceshednesford